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Vetting concern, your opinions?

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Hi all,


Apologies if this is in the wrong section, I had trouble trying to get on to the sister sites - I wanted to ask and get a general consensus from all who are wise and mighty.

I have passed the BTP interview and test and have a conditional offer as a Special subject to medical and vetting. I have received my vetting documents and this is where the concern lies..

1) My Auntie (Mum's sister) has mental health problems, she is currently serving her last year inside for stabbing her -ex husband (he survived and is all ok). She had 8 years, then reduced to 4. She also tried burning down the house with him inside 10 years ago. I have no association with her but the BTP vetting docs ask in reference to 'any family members who you know who has criminal convictions, engaged in criminal activities..' etc. I have noticed some forces just ask about Mum and Dad and not family. 


2) When I was 14 (now 25) some friends and I made some silly prank/nuisance calls from my Dad's mobile, one time the number was not blocked and essentially somebody complained. As it was his contract he had a handwritten note from an officer asking him to attend the station. I knew it was me straight away so went with him, I was told to write an apology letter to the women who complained and that was that. They told me not to do it again (which I did not) and the matter was settled. There was never talk of cautions, warnings, or anything of the sort just simply a sit down chat.


Does anyone have any opinions on whether I should declare both or their relevance to a vetting form. I would be absolutely gutted if my Mum's sister is the reason I am rejected. I feel like I am overthinking it. However, I understand the seriousness.


Thanks in advance! 

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Yes declare both! And anything else, they will decide if it's relevant or not. Honesty and integrity are core, any doubt about that and sorry to say it but your application will be heading towards the shredder. Good luck.

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