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Neighbourhood or City?


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Hi all,


I'm soon to join my local force as a SC and have been thinking about what type of station I would like to work from. My aim is to become a regular PC. 


Ive had some friends saying that a neighbourhood station is a lot 'quieter' and that a city based station would be more beneficial for my learning. In contrast to this, I've had a colleague suggesting a neighbourhood station as a city based station may be too fast paced and learning may actually be slower as there will be too much going on.


I have previous experience in dealing with late night crowds and general crowd control. Im swaying towards a more fast paced environment. I would love some suggestions in regards to which type of station would be beneficial for me as an SC looking to quickly progress to a PC.


Thanks a bunch




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Hi Phenom,


First of all good luck in your new "venture".


I am not sure of the difference in a neighbourhood or city station as in my force all stations are now referred to as neighbourhood stations where the response and neighbourhood teams work from in their respective roles.


I began my service 18yrs ago in an inner city station then moved to an outer division - I can tell you I learned more on the outer division working alone more often and generally being busier due to the lower number of officers deployed on the outer divisions.


Wherever you end up, you WILL be busy and will experience all sorts of scenarios which you will learn from... trust me! This will particularly apply in your first two years where you will have to cover all your competences in your "portfolio".


Hope this helps

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I'd say city all the time because it will be busy and have lost of variety however your development will depend on regulars who are willing and able to help you and who you get on with.  If you find that sort of environment in the county then you'll also develop.  The trouble is you won't know what sort of person is on a shift until you start and settle in.

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Six and two threes I think:


In a busy urban environment there's obviously more jobs going on, but there's also more tedious stuff to do that, whilst it needs doing, isn't necessarily going to increase your experience. Things like closing roads, standing on cordons, taking prisoners to hospital etc etc. 


In an area with smaller teams where officers tend to manage more aspects of their jobs, once you've demonstrated a bit of 'nouse' you could well be given some more challenging tasks.


Manage your expectations - I'm told police work is still 98% boredom and 2% sheer panic.    

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