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i have my police special pirt on 4th april this will be the second time that i have to sit this as i failed the first time due to the maths section. i have a book but the maths questions in it are not like the ones we got in the test

does anyone know of any sites that i can get practise papers from as i would really like to pass this time

or any advice?

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The tests are designed to test your general ability in the tested areas. If you are having difficulty it might be that you should focus on developing those foundation skills first rather than seeing them as an obstacle to overcome.


If you learn "how to pass the PIRT" rather than the skill itself you will find yourself struggling on occasion when you are called upon to exercise those skills.


Having given that advice I feel sure you will not do what I want you to do which is go and acquire those skills first so- Here



is what you asked for.



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