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Epression of interest


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I an intending to write an expression of interest for a job in Public Protection Unit, the jobs available are for Child abuse investigation unit and domestic violence unit.

I was after some advice of what exactly to write. Any advice would be welcome.


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If it reall is just an 'expression of interest' then a simple note along the lines of "I'm interested" should be enough.

We have those all the time..........a recent one had two lads who expressed an interest, one wrote 5 pages of A4 about why he was ideal for the job and what he could bring to the party, the other wrote less than 5 lines - they both had the same application form to fill in when the job was actually published in routine orders.

I've responded by email to my skipper before now saying, "I'm interested in that when it comes up please skipper" and that's been enough...........

Guess it might depend on who your skipper/boss is and how official they want to be.

It must vary from force-to-force, but an expression of interest in mine is like the bosses finding out how many might apply for a role to see whether it's worth running a course in-house, or farming it out somewhere........

Good luck! :D

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