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Ospre part 1 Premier League


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This is just a bit of fun for persons who have sat OSPRE part 1 since its commencement.  The league will have


1 % score,  

2 Force,

3 Department, traffic SNT or response etc 

4 Year exam taken .

5 Legnth of study approx


So please to be considered submit a reply with this info and be honest or you will recieve a red card !!  and a PDR entry (joke)  


I will leave this on for 14 days and then with all the replies place the info into a league.  It matters not whether you got 95% or 15%

It should be fun. LOL 

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4.2009 Passed(03,04,05,06,07 Failed)Cry Haha!!!

5.Six Years on and off. This time about 3 months


That must put me quite near the bottom!! Or near the top for persistence.Clap
almondo2009-05-30 20:41:01
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perhaps you got extra marks for attendance.Wink

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1 74%,  

2 Dorset,

3 Department: SNT

4 2009, passed the 1st time of asking .

5 Been listening to crammer cds' since April last year while commuting to work, then followed the Checkmate Publishing Revision Plan, when it came out, along with Blackstones Q and A, which are the mosr similar questions to the exam I have found.
mikeh20002009-05-31 16:00:29
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1- 63%

2- South Wales Police

3- CID

4- 2009 1st timer

5- 5/6 weeks

Skim read Blackstones 1 book a week followed by Blackstone Q & A's left exam with 35 mins to go and did not expect to pass.

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1. 79%.

2. Sorry, not saying.

3. Collision Investigator.

4. Second attempt - first way back in 1995.

5. About 5 months - Blackstones read once, Tom Barron's Crammer and the excellent Police Pass CD's.

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1. 55%!!!!

2. Rather not say

3. Rather not say

4. 2nd Attempt failed last year

5. 4 Months
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1) 52% (2009)

2) West Mids

3) response officer

4) 2nd attempt - (1st attempt whilst a probationer 44%)

5) Only studied from Feb this year. Listened to crammer in the car from Christmas, but doesn't really go in when you're concentrating on driving. Incidentally, no-one I know has passed whilst on response. Always seems to be the office based ones- CID, NPT etc etc

Kickin meself now- another 4 questions and I would have passed!

tee52009-06-01 12:17:28
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Incidentally' date=' no-one I know has passed whilst on response. Always seems to be the office based ones- CID, NPT etc etc


Meaning what? That your office based colleagues are all lazy, good for nothing skivers who sit on their backsides studying all day whilst you keep the wheels of industry turning? Don't you get rest days?


I'm afraid that I find that comment offensive. Whilst I am office based I work my nuts off - my study was done in my own time at a cost to my family and social life. Because I could be bothered to put the effort in, I got the result I deserved.


We are all working an average 40 hour week, regardless of our role, and I know of plenty of response officers who have passed this exam, and plenty of office based staff who have failed, because they are pigeon holed in specialist posts.


For what it's worth, having been away from response policing for 9 years, and operational policing in its entirety for nearly 3, I had to practically start from scratch with vast areas of the syllabus, areas which should be second nature to response officers dealing with a variety of incidents day in, day out. I know of one response officer in my Force who scored 22%, with less than 20% in GPD. I have to ask whether that officer should even be in the job, never mind sitting the exam. 


Stop making excuses and face up to the fact you didn't put the work in.Angry 


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It just irks me, Andy, when people invest very little time in their studies for Part One, hoping to fluke it, and then they have a bit of a moan when they don't. I would respectfully suggest that 50 odd % with little study is a fluke, and if Tee5 thinks he only needs to do a little more work next time round to get a handful of extra marks, he may be in for a bit of a shock.


But what really p1sses me off, and has done for as many years as I care to remember, is when I hear response officers bemoaning their bad luck. To use the fact that you are response as an excuse for failing, and then making a poorly veiled suggestion that office based bobbies have an advantage, is not only sour grapes but offensive to those of us (in all roles) who have put the effort in. 
Bronty2009-06-02 14:50:23
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I'm with you Bronty on that level. I'm a beat manager, and I simply didn't get any time to revise at work, due to my workload, which is a lot bigger than when I was on reponse.

 All my revision was done at home, or while driving to and from work, by listening to crammer cd's, and during that time my family took a bit of a backseat, as they knew how much work I was putting in.
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Hear Hear Bronty....the culture of 'I'll give it a go and if I pass I pass!' should end! As you rightly say, most of us have had to put family, friends, social life and dare I say it Overtime on the back burner for months on end. Yes it's 6 months graft, but at least now I can say - IT'S DONE! and hopefully all of those area's that 'suffered' in the 6 months of study will soon see the reward!

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Bronty, Maybe what T5 was highlighting something that he perceives (and to a point I agree with) I noticed this and each year, there always appears to be a number of officers who, no matter what time of day, they have the books open at work and when the results come out the officers with a higher pass rate and from what could be considered 'Office based jobs'

This isn't putting thoses officers down they have done the work, its just that todays core 24/7 response officer doesn't get time to open the books at works works over on a regular basis and is basically too tired to be in a good frame of mind to get the books out for a good few hours on the days off !!

Ps I can't study on duty as driving up and down the M6 & trying to read at the same time upsets the public,

1. Fail (Partly my fault partly external family issues)

2. North West Force

3. Motorway

4. Passed Pt 1 x 2 times Just keep failing Pt 2

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