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Under two weeks to go!!


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Hey guys well its very nearly that time again....the nerves are no dough starting to appear for some, others will be revising 23 and a half hours a day ect ect......


Hope everyone feels nice and prepared for a week tues, im going on the police pass three day crammer next weekend just to have that last min boost, passed a moc last week so has given me a little revision boost too...


Good luck to all who will be taking it i will be at alexander palace for the 2nd time and i wont be walking up that hill again thats for sure!


Once again good luck to all


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I've just had my last day at work and from now on I'm on leave until a couple of days after the exam which will 1/ give me plenty of time to revise, and 2/ give me a bit of time to recover from the hangover I'm going to have the morning after the exam!

I've done all the low scoring subjects, so they're now set aside as in total they're 'only' about 20% of the marks, so I'm not spending any more time on them, whereas the high scoring subjects are worth about 70% of the marks, with the medium scoring ones taking up the rest.

 So for me it's bail, custody officer dusties, drink driving and all the other big hitters.
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The Badger Act is always good for a point or two.

Taking fish by night is worth revising as well.

Don't forget the Town Police Clauses either - it's amazing how many people forget the offence of beating a carpet or rug to the annoyance of passers-by.

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