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Free Part 2 advice!!!


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The best advice I can give is that you seek out a training provider, giving attention to the following considerations:

- Make sure the trainer who will actually be delivering your training is a qualified and current OSPRE assessor/role actor/management team member. (Lots of people call themselves 'qualified assessors' based on the fact they are 'qualified' to train by the company whose product they are selling!) You also get the 'I've been training for 15 years angle' or 'I wrote an exam station in 2001' nonsense. The real-life OSPRE exam assessors' qualification lapses if they do not requalify at least once in any three-year period. Also watch out for those who were assessors ten years ago etc as the exam changes year on year and what was accurate two or three years ago may not be now.

- You should never be required to role act and assess each other on a course. People do these courses to learn how to pass the exam, not how to be assessors or role actors. My opinion is that companies who ask delegates to role act and assess each other are out of order.

- The smaller the class size the better.

Whatever advice you are given by others remember there is no substitute for DEALING with the problem(s) that the scenarios present. I hope this advice assists you as there are some good training providers out there but also some cowboys!!

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