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Achieving Best Evidence In Criminal Proceedings


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I'd like to recommend a course I have recently been on:


The interview of adults with learning difficulties/disabilities under 'Achieving Best Evidence' or The interview of children under 'Achieving Best Evidence'.


The course covers video interviewing of either vulnerable, young or intimidated witnesses, in order to achieve best evidence and in some cases, use the video interview as the victims 'evidence-in-chief' in court.


It covers the ideals from the Home Office's related publication brilliantly.


The course is ideal for police officers working within a child/adult protection remit, most of whom who are trained to do this regularly, although I believe the learning benefits all police officers in all roles.

There are two course trainers; both of whom I gained the impression that they are respected highly within their fields and have a great amount of first hand knowledge available to assist with the learning process.

Their website is here and provides plenty of information.


I wouldn't normally 'push' things like this, but I firmly believe this is good string to add to any persons bow and a thoroughly enjoyable course!

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