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Technoboffins v silver surfers


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I am far too young to be a silver surfer.

I am computer savvy, I can solve most problems myself, I can take a graphics card out, put a new one in.

I once took a chip off the mother board and accidentally bent the pins. Only cost me about €120 to repair!Embarrassed

I can solve most software conflict problems.

I can delete drivers, download new ones and install them.

I can send/receive emails. Wow!

I can change a PSU in a computer without then cracking the mother board. I am a webmaster!

So - where is this going?

This is the time of year where we send lots of greetings emails over Christmas and New Year.

I know lots of "silver surfers" and they will all reply - most SS's love email, they view it as techno magic.

My point is coming - It is the real technical people I don't get replies from.

For instance: I email my ISP to ask them what my IP is doing on an email blacklistShocked - no reply.Angry

I email my IT high flying old friend from Milton Keynes - don't get a reply.Sleepy

I have a theory, - the higher one is up the IT ladder, the more difficult it becomes to respond to emails.Confused

The silver surfers - they are the best.Thumbs%20Up

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The real technical people have been spammed into sub,mission because they've been emailing for longer than most and have a bigger spam load than average. Pity you can't degausse spam like barnacles.


I'm bullsh*tting here... you can tell, can't you. LOL
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Yup, that's bullsh*t all right.

EJEP, the real answer is that they are too lazy to reply. They are not really technical people (they do reply) but work-shy people who have found that they can hide behind techno-babble. If they use a load of strange words, most people will leave them in peace.

I suppose I must qualify as a silver surfer. I first started with a computer in 1979 (a Sharp MZ80K). The last 6 years of "work", I was running Met wide projects (or representing the Met in National projects) involving communications, telecommunications, IT, etc. I am happy to strip down a computer and re-build it (without bending any pinsWink), and I build my current computer myself.

I have met a lot of IT technical people and they are either the real thing or hiding and pretending to be knowledgeable.

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I note you got a prompt reply from 2 silver surfers (hi M!), and a very delayed one from me..... & I'm sitting here running 2 watercooled self builds at the same time.......so I'm the slow geek !!

Kaiser Bill2008-01-29 23:29:45
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