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Has anyone else noticed a massive decrease in spam in the last fortnight or so?

I used to get about 24 spam messages a day on one email account alone and it has reduced to only about one a day.Smile

I am not complaining!Wink

Is this a global decrease?

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I don't really notice it as my spam is handled automatically. I just occasionally glance down the list just in case of a false positive.

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That's because EJEP's got it set to divert!!!

He's sending it to [email protected] LOL

I didn't know Butters was on personal speaking terms with EJEP LOLLOL

*staunchly ignoring all other references* EmbarrassedLOLLOLLOL

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Flipping heck! The spam came back after Christmas - must have had a holiday.

I have spent all day today working on trying to get rid of a nasty virus




It is spread by pen drives.

Had to reinstall windows and lost some data, but most was backed up.

My son has been doing the same.

Oh, what fun!Confused

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