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Newly Promoted Inspectors training


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Hi, I'm new to the site and am doing some research. 


I work in a learning & development dept and we are currently looking into the training needs of newly promoted Sergeants and Inspectors.


Have you been recently promoted or can you remember what training you felt would have helped you when you were promoted?


I'm thinking along the lines of management skills e.g. I know PDR's are a sore subject for many but as a new line manager how did you find out how to do them?  Did you get formal training or do your best making it up as you go along? 


I know there is CLDP (Core Leadership & Development Programme), is this enough or would some additional training help?  What does your force do?



Appreciate any replies, if your experiences of in force training of this type are particularly good it would be helpful if you could identify which force, but no worries if you'd prefer not to.



posted this on the PC>Sgt forum too
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