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Final interview& fitness


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I have succesfully passed the a/c and am now through to the fitness/final interview stage.

I'm pretty much preped up for the fitness side (slightly worried about using the dyno tho ) but apart from that o.k.


Please can anyone who's attended a final interview give me some pointers in the right direction?. e.g do they go over all the competencies again, i know they'll ask why u want to become etc. But how in depth do i go over my chosen force (if you know what i mean).


Any tips would be VERY much appreciated!!!Smile

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   If you look at a post i put on here several weeks ago, I asked the same question and the response i got was very helpful,I think it is on page three of this thread,I have passed everything now and start on the 6th August and the pointers i recieved were pretty much spot on.


        Good luck.


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