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Promotion Board Questions?

fat larry

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In my force the final hoop to jump through to attain promotion is sitting a board where they fire a load of questions at you. These interviews have never been my forte as evidenced by several failures. Does anyone have examples of questions asked for practicing or any advice? Confused

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Keep up to date with current affairs

Keep up to date with force and ACPO policy

Look for subjects that are in people's minds at the moment (e.g. terrorist attacks and flooding).

Put yourself in the position of a member of the board and think what sort of questions would you ask a candidate.

Every board I was ever a candidate on had three members. One may have the task of being "Mr/Ms" Nasty. This role may be swapped between them so don't rely on what previous candidates say.

When you go into the room, sit in the chair, push your backside to the rear of the seat, don't slouch, put your hands on your knees. In other words try to present an image of someone who is alert and attentive.

Be pleasant and direct. Address the person who asked you the question and make eye contact.

Always take a couple of seconds before answering any question. This not only gives the impression you have thought before speaking (even if you already know the answer) but takes up a little time. Your interview will almost certainly be based on a set time rather than a set number of questions.

For the same reason, give full answers. But, don't waffle.

At the end you will probably be asked if you have any questions for the board. Either think of a good question before you go in or politely decline the offer.

At all times be as honest as possible.

Finally, good luck.

Penbwlch2007-06-30 19:19:41

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A lot of the time, you are asked your opinion on a subject, then one of the panel  will contradict you and seek to change your view.

Stick to your guns - that is what they are looking for.

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