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How to Create a Link


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Go to the page you wish to link to. Copy the url.

In your post, type a word (or words) that will show as the link and then highlight it/them (drag the cursor across it/them).

Click on the link icon (a globe with a couple of chain links at the bottom of it).


the window that opens, you will see two smal panels to the right of the

word "address". In the right hand one (that contains the word/s you

highlighted) replace that word with the url you copied earlier.


bit: Now go to the start of that pasted url and remove the "http://".

That part of the address is already supplied in the left hand panel.

Now click on "Preview" and "OK" to ensure that the link is working correctly then click OK to return to your post.

You will now see that the previously highlighted word/words have a line under them and are now a hyperlink.

Job done.Smile

Further information added by ex-job-ex-pat:-

Just a reminder how to put hotlinks in posts.

For instance you can put a link to a bbc news item like this:


but it is not a "clickable" link.


make your link "clickable"' date=' either manipulate it using the hyperlink

icon when in "reply" mode, or put this at the beginning and end of the


(URL) (/URL) In this example I have used round brackets so they show up on my post, but they have to be SQUARE brackets.



Every image on the Internet has a URL which can be found by right clicking on it and look at properties.

For instance at the top of my page now I have


but to make it viewable we have to put that address within brackets like this:

(img)address(/img) but remember they must be square brackets, not round.



Some servers do not allow hotlinking to their images, but 99% do.


know, for some, this is teaching grannies to suck eggs, but I know it

will be helpful to others who don't understand forum code.

Clickable links are much easier than copying and pasting URLs!


Penbwlch2007-10-09 18:30:12

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Penby, I have changed from IE7 to Firefox, but as hard as I try I cannot copy and paste for some reason. Any ideas please.

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Mav, I also use Firefox and, although it is usually impeccable, I also sometimes have problems with cut and paste. Try reverting to the old DOS commands; they work for me.

Ctrl+C = Copy

Ctrl+V = Paste

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