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Interview next week

Ian M

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   I have passed assessment with GMP and have got my formal interview next week,I have researched a number of topics in preparation for my interview such as current ops and initiatives and job role,any other areas i should research which my interview panel will be looking for that i need to focus on other than core competencies?

I had an interview for the position of PCSO which i passed but there was then no further requirement for PSCOS due to budgets,is it a similar interview?       
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The interview will probably last between 30 - 40 minutes. The type of questions asked will be something like :-

Why do you want to be a police officer?

Why this force?

What do you understand about diversity?

How will the police change your life and the people around you?

What sort of people will you meet?

What preparation have you done for this interview?

Also a number of questions to assess your competency in Teamwork, Respect for Race and Diversity and perhaps Resilience.

The interview board is normally made up of two/three people - Inspectors or Sergeants. The interview will be more relaxed and rather informal, a lot less daunting than the Assessment Centre. But you do need to dress to impress none the less.

The board will be looking to see that you have done your research into the force and know what a career in the police will involve. Check out the force web site for more info.

Make sure you know what is required in the Initial training of a student police officer and how much you are going to take home in pay – sounds basic I know, but some people join and then resign because they can’t afford the pay drop while training!

While you are looking at the force web site, have a look at the support organisations within the force. This will help if policing becomes a big shock to you – it is a team game after all.

These interview boards are still being carried out by some forces - not all though. Preparation is the key as people do fail them if they attend unprepared.

Please PM me if you need anymore. Hope all goes well for you next week.

Very best wishes for the future – enjoy.

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Thanks for the advice,just one quick question are you allowed to take notes into the interview and refer to them?


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My understanding, having spoken to people who have gone through this final interview phase with GMP, is that you are not allowed to take notes with you into the interview room. One of the areas they will be looking at will be your communication skills and the ability to think on your feet so to speak.

One technique I have seen used quite effectively is to write down all the question you anticipate they will ask you AND your answers. Then when you are under pressure you will be able to answer them during the interview if they come up, with confidence!!

Hope all goes well - when is your interview? Get back to us with the experience.

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Once again thanks for the advice,my interview is tomorrow 06/06 and i have got my fitness test and medical two weeks later.


All being well and barring any cock ups from myself,i hope to start in August.

          Regards Ian
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