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I have passed the paper application stage, and am waiting to be called to an assessment centre.


In the meantime, is it worth attending a course like the ones run by ISP Consultancy or In2Police?


I am thinking particularly of the role plays and the interview here, as I find this difficult to practice.


Has anybody been? Can anybody recommend anything?


All help much appreciated,

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If you would like to chat through an approach to your development for the assessment centre please feel to contact me direct. We can discuss the best way forward for you and tailor a develoment plan to meet your requirements.


It is essential that you prepare yourself around a structured approach to all of the exercises you will have to deal with.



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I passed the assessment centre last month. I recommend you practice your numeracy & literacy, which you can do by buying books from Amazon.co.uk.


"The Assessment Centre" book is fantastic and prepares for you for most of the day. The role plays are the only thing you can't practice for, UNFORTUNATELY!! i had the same fears as you.


I suggest that on the day at the role plays, you drink plenty of water (which keeps your brain functioning perfectly) and read through the information you will receive in the post. Remember to revise the Whiltshire booklet, it will help you with answering the role plays. RELAX in them too. They just want to see you act professionaly, sympathetic and informative.


Also, if you stop talking in the 5 minutes that you are in the room of the role play, they will not talk either. It can be awkward so be prepared to talk for 5 minutes. You can take notes in with you into the role plays, but i found that i rattled the paper through the 5 mins with nerves.


To answer your question about the course, i personally don't think you need to as they can be quite expensive, but if you feel that you would benefit from it then go for it. 


The interview is ok, try and think of scenarios like from your application form for each core competency! It will stop the silence in the interview. Again you get 5 minutes and the interviewer will go silent if you do not use your full 5 mins.


Relax! You'll be fine!!


Good luck!!

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