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Hampshire police


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I've got my fitness test and interview on 22nd Feb smiley1.gif

But I've badly bruised my ribs from being a bit sick and coughing so much.

I have not been able to train as much I as need to but don't want to postpone it.

Does anyone know if I can just go for the interview and take the fitness test later on?

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They were actually quite helpful, as it turns out.

They advised that they hold quite a few fitness tests and that it would be easier for me to come back for the test at a later date but still be able to attend the interview tomorrow.

I'm still going to take my gym kit though, may even have a little run later on.

Wish me luck!!! smiley20.gif

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Well, Ive just had my fitness test and pleased to say I passed dispite very painful ribs.

The interview though was a bit of a nightmare. I was told that it would be a little more informal and relaxed but this was not the case at all.

Top tips:

Know something about the force you are applying to.

Have a really good think about diversity - all my questions were based around this.

Make sure you know about your community and specific initiatives your force has, in the way of support etc.

Ask questions at the end: the people interviewing you turn into humans at the end, and smile smiley4.gif

Well, fingers crossed for me!

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