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Part 2 - Not The Way to Test


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Why cant forces see that Part 2 testing is not a fair and accurate way of testing ability. In my 20 yrs of service I have seen the standard of supervisors drop dramatically. Why is it that persons with 2 yrs service(or such little service) who have come from and an academic background find it easy to pass part 2. I would like to see more continual assessing similar to probationers replace part 2. 3 months with uniform sergeant and 3 months with detective sergeant. This would give a more accurate assessment of ability and also prevent conflict of interests by having 2 different assessments. How can i stand by and watch supervisors who have no experience make dangerous and poor judgements. I want to be a supervisor and feel that the part 2 will stop me getting there. I have 20 yrs service, 7 yrs in uniform, 6 yrs CID including murder incident rooms, 2 yrs in intelligence, 5 yrs in covert policing and yet i feel that the part 2 works against me.

What do you think?
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Completely agree with most of your comments. I feel part 2 is a useless tool with regards to measuring a person's ability to supervise and I feel a new assessment method is required.

With regards to the experience aspect however, in my time in the force I have met probationer constables who are often far superior to officers with 20+ years service. The job of a police officer is changing rapidly and officers with 20+years service sometimes find it difficult to adjust. In contrast, new officers have the enthusiasm and drive to meet challenges their elder colleagues struggle with.

I would have no problems with a person of little or no service being a supervisor, if he/she worked hard enough for their exams, they deserve it.

I think it comes down to ability, if your level headed and have the confidence to make decisions and learn from your mistakes, it doesn't matter if we have 2 or 20 years in. We all make poor judgements at time, regardless of length of service.

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The truth is that instead of just moaning about it, you have to just think sod it and learn the lines that they like you to say and jump through the hoops.


From what I have heard is that the new assessment based work system is a complete dog to complete, due to never having enough time and always being lumbered with custody duties to actually get the experience together. And that's only if you can find an assessor...


To be honest I was glad that I took my Part 2 as its now allowed me not to worry about the above and just get stuck in, I've had no negative feedback whatsoever or rebuke. I agree with a lot of the points raised above, but being a good PC/DS and knowing the job inside and out does not necessarily mean you'll be a good skipper, as lets be honest the amount of paperwork for a sergeant these days is astronomical where would you ever have the time to go out and nick people or perform as many investigations? The trick is people skills and management and innovation in a completly changing world.


Don't be bitter, just grit your teeth learn to play the part and go for it. I'm sure all that experience will help you fly through the board. And I do agree that sergeants should have some experience. But despite people saying that they don't believe that someone should seek promotion unless they have 10 years in, no one will ever shake your hand and say 'well done for putting your career on hold and waiting' 
bluearsedfly2007-01-11 17:34:18
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