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Suffolk Final interview


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I've got a final interview with Suffolk after transferring my application over from Cambridgeshire after the assesment center.Has anybody had one of these recently?or does anybody know what sort of things they are likely to ask as not many forces still have final interviews?


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Really we need an answer from someone who has been through the Suffolk process.  All I can say with certainty, is that it will be more like a traditional interview, not all like the one you did at the assessment centre.  I would imagine you will asked about you motivations for applying and what you expect a Police Officer to be doing during a typical day.  There could also be questions around Respect for Race & Diversity and Ethics and Integrity.  I strongly advise you do your research, have look at the internet the Suffolk website to see what current operations and initiatives are going on, and also to familarise yourself with that force.

Good luck
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