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E Mails not opening

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Not sure if someone can suggest a solution for a relative's problem.


Using Windows 98 & Outlook Express

E-mails which have been saved in My Documents - when you click to open them from within My Documents it brings up Outlook Express but will not open the actual e-mail itself - any ideas? smiley5.gif

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It is such a long time since I have used OE that my recollection of it is hazy. I have only a couple of thoughts:

1) I seem to remember that it is possible to set OE to store its mail in a folder other than the default (I used to do just that). How about pointing the mail folder to the My Documents folder and using OE to open the mail?

2) How about moving the mail to the OE mail folder using Windows Explorer?

Of course, the file may be corrupted.


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