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Anyone using an Apple Mac?

Stan Still

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I'm thinking of ditching my current laptop and going over to a Mac. Has

anyone else done this recently that can tell me whether it is worth


I'm sick of the problems with Win XP and how bloody slow it is and how

so much processor time has to be taken up with stuff to protect the

computer from weaknesses in the OS.

Has anyone tried syncing a Pocket PC to a Mac (yes - I'm a complete geek!) and if so, are there any problems?

I await sarcastic responses by the dozen - I thank you! smiley2.gif

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Hi fivejays

I know this may be a little late but I've only just joined. Do you know of any reason as to why your computer is running so slow? What have you done to correct the problem?

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Welcome - it's never too late to reply.

I'll send you a PM, to avoid boring the others!

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