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Hosting pictures

Stan Still

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This basically means using a web site to store a picture, then linking to it and displaying it elsewhere.

The advantages of this are that the picture is available to you to post

wherever you want to, even if you aren't on your home computer and if

you want to add your picture to someone else's site, they don't lose

storage space by having to save your picture/

For example, if you want to add a picture in a post on this site, you

could upload it. There is a maximum file size of 50kb, which isn't

huge, but if every user started uploading pictures, the storage space

would soon deteriorate.

If on the other hand you host your pictures, you can show larger images.

Anyway, if you are still with me? What you need to do is go to a

hosting site, such as www.photobucket.com and register for an account.

It doesn't cost anything and I haven't had any more junk mail than I

did before, so I don't think they are selling addresses. Alternatively,

you could host your pictures on web space provided by your ISP, but

that's a bit more complicated.

Once you have your account, you can upload picture to the hosting site

from your own collection. Follow the on site instructions.

When you want to post an image, you need to specify the location of the

picture. Photobucket make this dead easy by giving you the address

underneath each picture. Copy the address of the picture you want,

using the address that starts with

When you paste this address into your post and submit it, the clever

gubbins automatically recognises the address as an image located on

another web site, links to it and displays it in the post, without

taking up any memory space on the Police Oracle server.

Hope this helps? If not, let me know.

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Yeah, it just takes you direct to the upload page. You click "Browse" and select the picture from your computer. Then "Host Picture".    That should give you a unique url to your picture.


Hope I explained that alright smiley5.gif



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I haven't figured out how to get the picture small enough to fit on the page.

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In "Insert Image", look just below where you put the url. You will see two boxes marked width and height. Just reduce those numbers in proportion to one another. If the numbers show 800 and 400, for instance, make them 400 and 200. The picture will then be half the size (by linear dimension, that is).

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But there were no numbers in the boxes.

You have to click on "preview" first.

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Someone has very kindly pointed out that my photos in Photobucket were available for anyone to see. I thought that because I have to have a password to access my account,  it was private, but it wasn't. Anyone could see all my pictures. Fortunately Spawn knew how to sort it, by selecting "Private" as opposed to "Public" in the options, and it's now hidden from view unless people have a password.


I just thought I'd mention it since I looked at a couple of photos on another site and found a similar lack of privacy, so I'm not the only one who has overlooked this potential problem.


Of course you may want people to view your photographs....


Good job I hadn't uploaded the wild orgy picturesWink
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