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Resettlement into Civilian Life

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Resettlement into Civilian Life

This section is aimed primarily at those considering leaving the Police Service prior to completing full pensionable service. If you are retiring with a pension, you might prefer to look in the 'Retirement' section under 'Careers'.

The decision to leave the Police Service prior to pension can be difficult, as despite what others might say, the grass is not always greener and neither is the remuneration! Perhaps before making a final decision, see our 'Options to stay' page, or discuss your options with a trusted line manager. The Police Service is constantly trying to reduce the number of people leaving before their retirement date, and so are often willing to discuss alternatives to retain you in Force.

This advice is intended as a rough guide only to Police Service leavers.

Resettlement, in order to be effective, can require a lot of preparation on behalf of the leaver. At the outset, the leaver should recognise a few hard facts, most (if not all) of them should be common sense:

You need to decide where you are going to live, what you are going to live on, and what you are going to do once you leave the Service. Do not underestimate the time it can take to find alternative employment as this can leave you having to pay the bills without a regular income for longer than you had hoped.

There is plenty of advice available but you are the only one who can make the important decisions on resettlement matters as they relate to you.

No one can do your resettlement for you. In fact the only thing that will happen automatically, is that you will leave after your notice period on the due date.

The effectiveness of your resettlement depends almost entirely upon your own preparation for it.

In the greater community you cannot anticipate acceptance based upon your former rank or position. These may count for very little. That said, be sure not to sell yourself short - many of the skills acquired during your time in the police are readily transferable to civilian careers.

Share this information with your partner and family if appropriate, as what you do with the rest of your life might affect them too. Then, when you have things in some perspective, think about writing a CV and hunting for a job. Finding the job before leaving is always a good option for reasons that must be obvious.

Our own jobs section may be able to assist you with this.
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Police Community

Resettlement Courses

'Resettlement' or 'Pre-retirement' courses are run by virtually every Force in the UK. Content and administrative set-ups vary but the better ones can form an extremely useful part of preparation for retirement.

In many Forces the courses are modular with each candidate having the option to choose a certain number of modules. These might be on issues such as finance, seeking employment, writing a cv, the psychology of retirement etc. It is worth considering the modules in the light of what you propose to do after retirement. This will help get them in right order, as one might have an impact on another.

Some aspects of preparation for retirement are best addressed several years before your leaving date. Certain aspects of finance, including the possibility of re-mortgaging and tax planning measures are a case in point. So is focussing on the type of employment you might be seeking when you leave. The last few years in the Job are a good time to brush up on relevant skills and take steps to fill in any 'holes' in your cv. This is difficult to do if it is left too late.

All Force HR departments should have details of courses and entitlements.

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I have just been on my 2.5 day course, I have to say its the best course I have ever been on for being informative, highly recommended

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