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Police Pension Calculator (PMAS Version)

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Police Pension Calculator

Our Pension Calculator is designed to help you understand the impact that the changes to Police Pensions could have on your future income when you retire. The calculator will give an estimate of the amount you will have built up during the existing pension schemes, either the 1987 Scheme or the 2006 Scheme. It will also predict the benefits you could earn under the new pension scheme, the 2015 CARE Scheme.

If you are in the 1987 scheme with full protection and not subject to the Police Pension reforms, our Commutation Slider Tool could help you to find the perfect balance between income and lump sum.

This pension and commutation calculator is intended for illustrative purposes, is not guaranteed and does not constitute personal advice.

This calculator is intended to provide you with an illustration of the pension benefits you could expect on retiring from the police.

Please make sure you are aware of your pension scheme rules and obtain an up to date illustration from your pension administrator prior to making any decisions about your pension and retirement. 



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