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Force wanted 300 volunteer PCSOs but just five sign up


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Five go volunteering together.

Force wanted 300 volunteer PCSOs but just five sign up


Date - 23rd November 2018
By - JJ Hutber- Police Oracle


The first police force in the country to give volunteers PCSO powers has recruited five volunteers against its vision of 300.

In November last year Kent Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Scott announced plans for VPCSOs were well underway.

A spokesman for the force said Chief Constable Alan Pughsley’s aspiration is there will be approximately 300 in total.

A recruitment drive for Community Policing Volunteers was launched in early January, advertising opportunities to specialise in horseback visible policing, dog walking and skill based investigation support in mental health, restorative justice and cybercrime.

They hoped CPVs would “play a vital role in solving local problems and gathering useful evidence about criminal activity and anti-social behaviour”.

But Kent Police has confirmed so far only five people have successfully signed up for the scheme.

A Kent Police spokesman said they have all exceeded their “required hours”.

Citizens in Policing Chief Inspector Jason Wenlock said: ‘Kent Police has recruited five community policing volunteers (CPVs) as part of a pilot in the Maidstone area to help promote community safety and increase support for vulnerable people.

“These volunteers will have a varied role in supporting the vital service that PCSOs already deliver, including helping to provide advice and reassurance to local residents around issues including anti-social behaviour.

“They were recruited as part of a county-wide campaign which we aim to expand further later this year.”

Two years ago the then Home Secretary Theresa May announced she would extend the powers that chiefs can give volunteers – opening the door to create new roles such as volunteer police community support officers.

The subsequent introduction of the Police and Crime Act 2017 gives chief constables the power the power to bestow the limited powers that PCSOs have on volunteers for the first time.

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We were "going" to have a special in every village. Like a local Bobby, but for free. 

For some reason, dealing with neighbourhood issues, single crewed with no back up, for free, just didn't work out. 

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But it was an overwhelming success! They exceeded their hours and are going to expand it next year.. look out they will double the numbers!

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To be honest a lot  what their volunteer PCSOs were to be  tasked with is what our police volunteers do   Perhaps they would have been better using that approach 

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