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'Boobgate' ACC still on secondment a year after 'important' project


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ACC Sutcliffe harangued a female colleague for getting a boob job.

Rebekah Sutcliffe speaking about public health for an Oldham Council video

Rebekah Sutcliffe speaking about public health for an Oldham Council video

Date - 22nd November 2018
By - JJ Hutber- Police Oracle
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Greater Manchester Police has refused to say when a senior officer who told a colleague she would be “judged on the size of her tits” will return from secondment.

Assistant Chief Constable Rebekah Sutcliffe was allowed to keep her job despite exposing herself to a junior female colleague in a drunken abusive rant about her boob job.

ACC Sutcliffe was given a final written warning in November 2016 after being found to have committed gross misconduct during her alcohol fuelled row with Superintendent Sarah Jackson, which took place at a conference on female leadership in policing.

She told the superintendent her "credibility was zero" after she had a boob job and berated her as a "laughing stock".

She then went on to pull down the front of her dress to expose her left breast and say: "Look at these, look at these, these are the breasts of someone who has had three children.

"They are ugly but I don't feel the need to pump myself full of silicone to get self-esteem."

In March Police Oracle reported she had been sent to Oldham Council for a six-month secondment to work on an "important" project "overseeing the introduction of integrated working" between public services. 

She is listed as Strategic Director of Reform on Oldham Council’s website on a page giving information about their executive management team.

Chief Constable Ian Hopkins, Deputy Chief Constable Ian Pilling, Assistant Chief Constable Debbie Ford, Assistant Chief Constable Rob Potts T/ACC Annette Anderson, T/ACC Chris Sykes, T/ACC Russ Jackson and Assistant Chief Officer Lynne Potts are all listed on the GMP website under ‘chief officer team.’

But ACC Sutcliffe is not mentioned.

The webpage states it was last updated on October 29, 2018.

Within Oldham Leadership Board meeting minutes dated March 2017 she was listed as “Police and Place Lead”.

In a video posted on Vimeo in June this year, ACC Sutcliffe tells the camera she is the Oldham Council lead for public health and the ‘thriving communities programme’.

She says on the video clip: “What both of those things involve is me working really closely with communities, with families and with partner agencies right across the borough to really promote use of public space, promote exercise, healthy living, healthy eating but also really working with communities for them to kind of take responsibility for that themselves.

“So we are here in Alexandra Park which is just an absolutely amazing place always makes me feel much better and kind of happy when I come here.

“There are parks like Alexandra Park, perhaps not quite as big or impressive, but right across the borough you’ve got parks in every single bit of Oldham and lots of amazing countryside.

“As I say there is green space everywhere.”

Her brief while working with GMP included organised crime and counter terrorism.

A spokesman for GMP told Police Oracle almost a week after our inquiry: “ACC Sutcliffe remains a GMP ACC on secondment to Oldham Council.”

He refused to respond to questions about when and if she would be returning to GMP and did not comment on why she has been deleted from the force’s chief officer team webpage.

A spokesman for Oldham also confirmed she is still on secondment. He said: "There is no agreed end date for the secondment at this time. Rebekah is currently the Interim Strategic Director of Reform and this is the same role she came into when she was first seconded here."

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Annoymous. - 2 hours ago

Disgusting, she should have been sacked would have been if she wanst ACPOO rank.

retired brief - 3 hours ago

This is a complete outrage. A woman (I suppose we have to say person these days) who would have been instantly dismissed at an OPIC Gross misconduct hearing if she had been a federated rank. She is now on MICKEY MOUSE leave, on an alleged 'important project' Why has this shocking drunken waste of space been allowed to hide in the long grass as an alleged ACC?

Homer - 6 hours ago

So instead of exposing herself at policing conferences she gets to do it in public parks. And just what promoting public spaces for health benefits has got to do with policing escapes me. Why not make her executive of Cadbury's Chocolate Buttons or Kellogg's crunchy nut cornflakes instead. Or the new series of Thomas the Tank engine? In fact how about a national vote on the price of tea in China while we're at it.

[email protected] - 6 hours ago

This ranks with the money given to the McGann family.
An ACC working within a local authority. “You cannot be serious”.
Has salary will probably trump any of the local authority people she works with.
Has a someone pointed her in the right direction.

Anon - 6 hours ago

That Chief Officer Team reads like a football team. How many NPPC ranks do they really need?

Anon - 6 hours ago

Hic….I didn’t think that drinking was allowed in Oldham’s parks…Hic…..

Beenthere - 7 hours ago

Oh YES. Just what the Police Service needs. An ACC on full pay and allowances promoting health, exercise, healthy eating and most of all 'green' places. AND it makes her 'kind of happy'. Great news for all those front line officers working shifts on a fifth of her benefits. Are they 'kind of happy'? Perhaps if she had shown a bit more flesh GMP could have persuaded Oldham to have made her Chief Exec! What a joke. How on earth she looks herself in the mirror or to quote her maintain 'self-esteem'. It sickens me.

Northern Boy - 9 hours ago

ACC is a rank. She currently holds that rank but is not holding an ACC post in GMP and would not appear as such on their web page so do not read anything into that. However the fact she is still at Oldham speaks volumes!

Johnny7 - 9 hours ago

How many police officers could be employed if they had sacked her.

What a farce!

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