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Merseyside police 'welcomes retired officers back with open arms'


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Force announces police reserve project.

Seven of the Volunteer Police Reservists with Sergeant Keith Burke, ACC Julie Cooke, Inspector Tom Welch and Superintendent Dave Charnock.

Seven of the Volunteer Police Reservists with Sergeant Keith Burke, ACC Julie Cooke, Inspector Tom Welch and Superintendent Dave Charnock.


A retired police officer in their 70s is among former officers volunteering at their old force to help out in the event of a major incident.

The ‘Dad’s Army’ style police back-up team has seen a swell of support over the last year with the College of Policing and National Police Chiefs’ Council consulting on a scheme which would allow officers to take career breaks and return at a higher rank.

The London Assembly has recommended the Met looks at creating a reserve force modelled on systems in place in the US and the concept has been backed by the MPS Federation, Association of Special Constabulary Chief Officers and Police Firearms Officers Association.

Merseyside Police has launched its own take on the proposals with a Volunteer Police Reservists scheme.

The volunteers, who include a 71-year-old former officer, will not have warranted powers. The ten volunteers have a combined total of 170 years’ service with the force.

They will be called in on a short-term basis at a time of critical threat to help out, taking statements, acting as family liaison officers and other practical tasks.

Assistant Chief Constable Julie Cooke said: “It’s a pleasure to welcome the reservists back to Merseyside Police and we are incredibly grateful that they are willing to give up their time to assist us in the event of a major incident. 

“The individuals each have a vast knowledge of policing and although there may have been many changes since they retired, their skill sets will be invaluable should we ever have to call upon them. 

“The idea is that the Volunteer Police Reservists will return to assist with logistical and practical tasks in various areas on a short term basis, and will greatly support the daily activity of the force allowing it to run smoothly during times of significant increased demand or critical threat. 

“We are delighted the Volunteer Police Reservists are so enthusiastic about returning to the force they all served with for many years and we welcome them back with open arms.” 

Volunteer Reservist Anita Ashcroft QPM said: “I was a police officer in Merseyside for 32-and-a-half years and when I left in 2010 I was the Prolific Offender Coordinator at St Helens. 

“I’m now applying to be a Volunteer Police Reservist as I think it’s a really worthwhile position and it’s nice to give something back to the community that I’ve served for many years, this time as a volunteer.”

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Just an idea for a sticking plaster on a major bleed. Anything to save money. Lobby every where and any where to increase funding to employ Police Officer's at the level of staffing in 2010 and the increase that figure. 

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