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Hard-to-fill job bonuses approved by Home Secretary


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Home Secretary rubber-stamped long awaited skills shortage incentive.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid

Home Secretary Sajid Javid


The Home Secretary announced today he has not only given the green light to pay bonuses to help attract applicants to unpopular roles but the payments will also be backdated to September 2017.

The Police Remuneration Review Body (PRRB) said in its annual report in July chief officers should be allowed to make extra payments to help ease recruitment crisises “urgently”.

It also said the National Police Chiefs’ Council submitted evidence about skills shortage for the second year running and raised concerns the payments had not yet been implemented.

Today Home Secretary Sajid Javid told the Police Superintendents’ Association (PSA) conference he is approving bonus payments of up to £4,000 for federated ranks and superintendents who face exceptional challenges.

He said: “I do fully recognise the pressures of policing so let me be very clear with you.

“I will continue to fight on the police’s behalf so that you have the resources you need to do your jobs effectively.

“But making sure that forces are fit for the future isn’t just about finances you also need to have the tools and the support that you need to do your jobs.

“You need to feel like you’re being rewarded for the work that you do.

“I know some of you feel the roles you have morphed over time - they don’t represent or resemble any way the job you signed up to do many years ago.

“Perhaps the area you run has got larger, has got more complex, the number of people that you manage has gone up. Maybe you are asked to deal with issues that are more challenging.”

Mr Javid said in response to requests from the Police Federation he has written to police chiefs emphasising the importance of Taser and spitguards to protect officers.

He also announced his support to Chief Constable Andy Rhodes proposals for a mobile welfare support service and said “wellbeing buses” will be pulling up outside police stations next month.

“It’s not just your physical welfare that we need to be thinking about it’s mental health too. The association’s most recent resilience survey showed that half the respondents had feelings of anxiety.

“I want us to work together to totally transform your welfare provision for policing,” he said.

The buses will provide “accessible stigma free support and information for anyone who feels that they need it”.  

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The Met recently offered people around £4000 to become a detective.

Personally, unless it was 4 grand a year, it still wouldn't be worth it.

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