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Detective stole £30k from tribute donations in memory of PC


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Lott was 'close friend' of late officer.

Justin Lott

Justin Lott

A detective plundered charity donations raised by his own force to help a colleague reach his fundraising goals before he died of a brain tumour.

The widow of a South Wales PC said she felt “humiliated” after learning her husband’s close friend stole tens of thousands of pounds from a family fundraiser - six weeks before the officer lost his battle with cancer.

PC Mike Evans was a superfit Ironman triathlete when in 2016, aged 48, he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour.

Instead of hanging up his running shoes, he decided to raise money to pay the NHS for his treatment and to help reduce waiting times for MRI scans.

After undergoing major surgery and chemotherapy he carried on competing in triathlons while his friends and family enthusiastically joined in with their own fundraising endeavours.

But his wife Louise, learned that now-former Detective Constable Justin Lott had not transferred their donations to the Velindre Cancer Centre just weeks before Mike’s death last year.

Lott was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment at Newport Crown Court for theft of £29,262.20 from the South Wales Police Bridgend Athletic Club and South Wales Police Triathlon account intended for the 2 Wish Upon a Star Foundation and #TeamEvsy fundraiser for the Velindre Centre.

Lott, 40, from Bridgend, had been treasurer of both accounts.

Mrs Evans said: “I found out about the fact that Justin hadn’t paid the donations to Velindre about six weeks prior to Mike’s death.

“We decided not to tell Mike, as at this time he was gravely ill and to have told him would have devastated him because despite his illness and weakness the sense of what he had achieved had made him proud and to find out it wasn’t what he thought would have had a huge impact on his mental state.

“Justin was once a close friend and colleague of Mike and to find out the true extent of what has happened in this court case is devastating.

“This has affected Mike’s legacy and what we were working towards.

“I feel betrayed, let down and humiliated. Charities are for good things to be said and not publically humiliated, which is what Justin has done.”

Lott was a serving police officer between January 2002 and April this year, when he resigned. He has been put on the police barred list after a special case misconduct hearing.

Superintendent Esyr Jones from South Wales Police Professional Standards Department said: “We welcome today’s sentencing, which is a reflection of the gravity of Justin Lott’s actions.

“By abusing the trust of South Wales Police colleagues, Lott betrayed not only those he worked alongside but the communities of South Wales.

“Colleagues had shown tremendous generosity in memory of a fellow officer PC Mike Evans, who himself had demonstrated great courage and determination throughout his ill health.”

His Honour Jeremy Jenkins said Lott had no one to blame but himself.

He said: “To steal from clubs such as this and to take money destined for charities is a despicable act.

“It’s affected the good name of the South Wales Police force, who are and who remain wholly innocent for your selfishness.

“This was systematic, repeated dishonesty of the worst kind.”

PC Evans died at home last May with his wife and two children by his side.

He was given a full police funeral.

A JustGiving page for #TeamEvsy states £66,000 was raised.

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16 months sentence is an absolute joke. Sometimes it is unbelievable just how low someone can get.  As a serving officer Justine Lott is an absolute disgrace to his colleagues and ever other serving officer. His sentence should have been around  5 years, and I hopemthat they use the Proceeds of Crime legislation to recover the money.

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Even assuming he got the full discount for a guilty plea it's pretty paltry for such an aggravated offence. 

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13 hours ago, Cje.ex999 said:

All it takes is one bad apple.....

That one bad apple negates 100,000 good ones.😡

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19 hours ago, Zulu 22 said:

16 months sentence is an absolute joke. Sometimes it is unbelievable just how low someone can get. 


18 hours ago, Sceptre said:

Even assuming he got the full discount for a guilty plea it's pretty paltry for such an aggravated offence. 


Totally agree with you both - the system is broken, or at least needs updating.

The judge seems to have played it safe and gone straight down the middle of the sentencing guidelines. The starting point for High Culpability and Cat 2 Harm is 2 years. Take of 1/3 for early plea and he gets to 16 months. I assume mitigation for previous good character negates the outrageous abuse of position. If the judge had used the range max of 3y 6m this idiot would get 2y 4m.

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The only saving grace is that I doubt he will get a very easy time in prison.

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