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You're an expert – the government wants to hear from you


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The Policing Minister appeals to Police Oracle readers to let him know about the challenges facing the service.

Nick Hurd

Nick Hurd


I’m sure sometimes it feels like government ministers like me aren’t listening to you.

And you’re the ones on the frontline, not me. You know what it takes to keep the public safe first hand. You feel the toll of the job. You experience the day-to-day routine - in the office, or on the beat.

So who better to identify the issues holding your force back, the opportunities for improvements, the ideas for change, than you?

Since becoming Policing Minister in June last year, I’ve made it my business to speak with every force in England and Wales.

I’ve listened to police and crime commissioners, chief constables and officers; been on patrol, seen the firearms teams and visited the projects supporting the most vulnerable in society.

You’ve all shared your experiences, and been frank about how you believe the police could function better. However, there are tens of thousands of you on the frontline. I cannot possibly meet you all in person.

But I do not want this to stop me hearing from you.

This is why I’m sponsoring our new Front Line Review, to get insight directly from those at the forefront – the emergency call handlers, the police patrolling the streets, everyone dealing with the public. The people who know policing better than anyone.

Using existing force-based channels that you’re already familiar with, you’ll have a chance to contribute your ideas for change in policing. After your initial feedback myself, or my team, will be coming directly to you - in every region, so every force can participate.

Together we will discuss the pressures you’re feeling, the opportunities you have to develop professionally, your experience of leadership and your ideas and innovations for how, together, we can improve policing.

This will be the first time any government has reached out to you in this way. Because we want to understand, better than ever before, your feelings about how you are managed, the support you’re receiving, as well as your practical ideas for change.

Tell us how we can make your job easier, and tell us for how we can deliver an even better service to the public.

This is not about money for the force. We know how stretched you are and we have responded by putting more public money into policing this year and next. Furthermore the new Home Secretary has made it clear that he wants to prioritise police funding in the next spending review. This is about delivering a change that makes you feel like your concerns are being heard, that your personal welfare is being promoted and that attention is being paid to the goals you have for your career.

The demands on the police have changed. You know that all too well. Whether it’s online crime, domestic abuse, modern slavery and child sexual exploitation – the job has changed and with it the demands it places on you.

The Police Bravery Awards remind us of the truth – you go to work not knowing what you will have to deal to keep the public safe. I am determined that you get better support, and that your welfare and development is prioritised. However I need your help in making sure that decisions we take are fully informed by your views.

So please put scepticism aside and engage with Front Line Review. It’s a genuine opportunity to influence what we do to deliver better support for front line officers and find better ways of serving the public. 

The review will open for submissions in September. Nick Hurd is Minister for Policing and the Fire Service

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Same old repetitive tripe even if a different form. We all know it's like the 'No' envelope from the old Reader's Digest offers - straight into the skip round the back.

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It seems he has never listened before. our boss Mrs T. May, slashed Police numbers and budgets and brought about the mayhem of no morale, high crime, and no officers to deal with even the basics. The Public have been ignored, the Police Federation have been ignored, Chief Officers have been ignored (After they woke up).  The lasT politician to listen to the Police was Margaret Thatcher.

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Every year we have an opinion survey. Every year it shows a lack of command engagement. Every year command say they will listen and change. Every year they don't. 

But putting this stuff our makes it look like they are interested in our opinion. So that's good, pretending to care is slightly better than not even pretending. 

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