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I'm just wondering if anyone has any Android smartwatches that they use on a daily basis and what their thoughts on them are. 

I've been wanting to get one for a while but can't justify using something that will only mimic my phone which is in my pocket anyway?

I'm looking at either the Huawei Watch 2 or Samsung Galaxy S3 Frontier edition. 

Any help or advice would be appreciated. 

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I’ve got a Samsung gear S2 classic - had it since it launched.... used it for about 3 months daily and then it became a gimmick - it’s since sat in a drawer, I even bought a new strap (replaced with metal links instead of the leather) to make it “feel” like a new watch - it didn’t help things and I still don’t use it.

For me it’s the fact of remembering to charge my watch, I really can’t be bothered to charge it, for the battery to need charging in 3 days time and repeat...

I even had a new phone and didn’t bother to pair it up, it’s still there collecting dust.

Would I buy one again? No - there’s just not enough added value for having one for me- and I’m a tech head! (New phone every 6 months or so, forever upgrading laptops/computers and being a general geek)

If I were you - buy a cheap smart watch, even a Sony smart watch 2 (which I previously had too) - see what it’s like for a few weeks/months and then decide if it’s worth buying a modern one financially

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I had a Huawei watch for a couple of months. Sold it and ended up with a Fitbit Blaze instead. I prefer the tracking functions on the Blaze, and it has less options that distract me.

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