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Unacceptable failings in force's crime recording


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One in five crimes not recorded in one area, while HMIs praise two others for their improvement.



A force has been criticised for “unacceptable failings” after it failed to record 20 per cent of crime.

An inspection by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services has criticised Lincolnshire Police for failing to record nearly one in five crimes.

At the same time, HMIs assessed the Metropolitan Police and Humberside Police.

The UK’s largest force – whose conduct led to the inspection regime for crime recording being established in the first place after whistleblower James Patrick exposed their issues – recorded 90 per cent of crime.

HMIs said the Met had made “significant improvement” and commended its senior leadership.

Humberside’s 85 per cent crime recording result was described as “good progress”, but the inspectorate noted room for improvement, with 14,200 crimes per year not recorded.

HMI Zoe Billingham said: “It is of very great concern to me that Lincolnshire Police is failing to record almost one in five crimes reported to it.

“We estimate the force fails to record 9,400 reported crimes each year, including reports concerning vulnerable victims, victims of crimes of a sexual nature and of violence.

“Although safeguarding measures were in place for many of the victims of crimes, there was little evidence of investigations being undertaken where the crime had not made it on to the books. This is particularly true for cases of domestic abuse.

“I am disappointed to find that almost a quarter of reported violent crimes are not properly recorded. This is of serious concern as it can prevent victims receiving the support they need and deserve, and prevent offenders being brought to justice.”

She said she is encouraged the force has taken immediate steps to address her concerns.

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