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Hello, I wanted to create a topic about a few countries that accept british transfers or foreign applicants that have over the past few years have had some british bobbies or regular UK citizens transfer and join up the police abroad. Now don't get me wrong I still love the police here but for those that would find this helpful for one reason or another, I am creating a topic which I and others ,if they wish, can add to. I am doing this because I have gathered some research and thought it would be helpful for this information to be shared, have a good day and hope this helps


Country 1: USA


​Requirements: Most states require citizenship but a select few allow you to join with a green card or any other document that means you have the right to live and work

Age: Varies from 18-25

Transfer opportunities: Very few if any transfers have been recorded that I can find from UK to USA have to join via regular external officer 


States and departments: The following are which allow you to join on just a 'Green card or other'



Chicago Police Department (CPD): The department allows you to join if a citizen of another country. This was quoted from their website

I am a citizen of a foreign country. Am I eligible to become a Chicago police officer?
Yes, as long as you have an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) from  U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Proof, such as an Alien Registration Card (Green Card) will be required if you are called for further processing.

About the CPD: Chicago is the third largest city by population in America and has one of largest amount of municipal police officers in the US.


New Orleans Police Department (NOPD): The department has perhaps the best website out of all the departments I looked at, that had most of the answers. This was quoted from their website

"People may apply from outside the US, however, all applicants must physically report to New Orleans, Louisiana, for testing and to initiate a background investigation. Applicants will be required to make two trips to New Orleans, minimum.All applicants must have the legal right to work in the United States prior to application, but do not have to be United States citizens to apply for a position with the New Orleans Police Department. Currently, applicants do not have to live within New Orleans to become an officer with the New Orleans Police Department."

Helpful links: http://joinnopd.org


Other states:





More countries to come soon hope this was useful, this is only the information I found, how accurate and up to date it is I don't know



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On ‎11‎/‎23‎/‎2014 at 16:24, Fizzypopbang said:

Country 1: USA

Good post, although I think I can chip in a bit here.

Although we say 'transfer', there is no real transfer procedure unless you're going to a similar common law / PACE country e.g. Oz, NZ, Canada, Gibraltar, Falkland Islands, South Africa maybe? When we say transfer this suggests some interaction and agreement between your old UK force and the new country.

The procedure for America is basically go on a career break or leave your Po job in the UK and then do your very best to apply as anyone else would in the USA. You could be Chief Constable of the Met but it wouldn't get you in any faster apart from blowing their socks off in interview. Now, whether you have to go over and do this while you've just moved there (yes risky I know) or come back and forth in stages depends on time, money and what your basis for remaining within the USA is.

You can apply for a non-tourist VISA (i.e. visitation VISA) and ask USCIS for a change in status while you're there. This may will require interviews, medicals, etc. You might also need degree but I'm not sure. The other way is to go on a fiancée/spousal VISA of an already permanent resident or a US citizen known as an I-130 VISA. You'll either have to be already married or married soon after you get there (Vegas maybe?). Same tests required but you will be granted the right to travel i.e. I-94 travel VISA and if given entry into the USA at your port of entry an I-551 permanent residency or conditional permanent residency VISA (tantamount to the same thing). Once you gain entry to the USA and then change your status to immigrant / resident, you can apply for citizenship after 5 years or 3 if it's off your spouse being an LPR or citizen long as you've been a good boy, in the country most of the time, etc.

For those willing to get their foot in the door, there are loads of armed security positions available all over the USA which you don't always need to be a resident / immigrant and can do that on a non-immigrant / worker's VISA, just depends on what the company wants in terms of status in the USA and sometimes also state private security laws / firearms laws but I'll come to that later e.g. San Francisco - armed security or NYC - G4S armed security

Anyways, onto the actual Police departments. It all depends on the federal, state and local laws. All Federal jobs e.g. FBI, ATF, USCIS, SS, etc. jobs in themselves require US citizenship. Also, Federal law enforcement jobs also require an entry age of no later than 37. They will extend this if you've done US military time by the same time you served. Joining the army / AF / navy / USMC / Coastguard reserves or straight off would help. Yes I mentioned CG in there with the other military as they are pretty badazz here and basically do a customs job, not just rescue like in the UK.

There are 13 states that will allow resident aliens (i.e. immigrant VISAs not non-immigrant) to join the Police without citizenship or at least quite a way through the process / needing it by day one of the academy =1. Off the top of my head they are Alaska, California (1), Texas (yes TX!), Ohio, Virginia (1), Louisiana, West Virginia, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, New Mexico (I've seen some Sheriff's officers jobs working in the jail advertised as non-citizen even though your deputy mates have to be US), maybe Vermont? Got a bit hazy towards the end there! South Carolina has no law against it, but you have to be a registered elector i.e. able to vote to join. There may also be other but incredibly rare exceptions. I think technically here in North Carolina, you could really impress the Sheriff and he could hire you on the spot, give you your badge, gun and take home patrol car and tell you to go git! You can get away with not doing state mandated BLET (basic law enforcement training) for at least one year after hire. Think that's crazy, the Sheriff in NC doesn't even have to do any training at all despite having a great deal of authority. Day one, he's in office, instantly a cop, carries a gun and can makes arrests.

Then you've got local requirements. Just because state law says you can join in Ohio for example doesn't mean a local PD can set that standard themselves, unless it's specifically mandated against by law.

Then I also have to bring up gun laws. I've not seen much on it Police wise but they may also have to take into account Federal and state laws on guns before allowing you to become a cop. I've seen armed security guard jobs request you have a state permit for example. You can actually purchase guns in the USA through Federal law, the most notable one being as long as you have a hunter's permit issued by any state which is generally a one day course and no requirement to be a resident/citizen. That being said, I don't know how that relates to carrying / concealing it, that will fall upon local law. All states allow the purchase of handguns when a permanent resident, but some will only give concealed carry permits to citizens. That being said, I don't know if there's any states that will allow you to become a cop before a citizen yet not issue concealed permits to non-citizens. It's a very confusing. And now add that to the 9 states that are what we call Constitutional Carry i.e. open and concealed carry of handguns allowed without a permit. I think in these cases you just can't be ineligible as per the Brady Bill and you're good. As I said, very confusing.

As for ages - I've seen very few local and state units who have an age limit, the only ones are Federal.

The recruitment process is often a thorough background check, providing your own driving record from the DMV, a polygraph test, fitness run etc. and an oral board. Now how this works with out of state/country records I do not know. You would be noticed during the recruitment process I can at least say that for sure!

My advice to anyone is see if you can get a work permit off your Police background to even become an armed security guard. Security here is nothing like the UK. The most extreme example I can think of is South Carolina security guards. They're not Special Police or anything like that as that's a separate thing (think private Police like BTP or the docks), but simply security guards. State law still considers them law enforcement officers and they have powers of a deputy on private property (and obviously the same kit). If they have CCTV for example, they recognize the offender, go to the local magistrate, get a warrant and lock him up / present him to custody themselves. It's bizarre, maybe more efficient. I work in private security and the starting salary of my armed security job and the local PD are very different. If I joined the local PD I'd be dropping close to 10K instantly. This is the exception rather though as I work in the nuclear field. Think the CNC but with private security guards.

Then once you can gain residency, start looking where you can move to join the PD. They work very differently over here. And it would be great experience.



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