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Detainee sues force after custody footage posted on social media


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Mistreatment of detainee distributed over instant messaging to other members of staff.

Detainee sues force after custody footage posted on social media

A lawsuit has been filed against Northumbria Police after CCTV footage of a detainee being manhandled was shared over social media.

In January, a member of staff was dismissed without notice for filming CCTV footage of them restraining a detainee using excessive force in a cell at Forth Banks Custody Suite, proceeding to share it via WhatsApp.

CCTV recordings from custody were also captured and shared around by another member of staff, who received a six-month verbal warning, and a police officer was handed a written warning following conduct meetings in March.

A number of other employees have also been subject to management action.

The force has since launched an investigation into potential breaches of the Data Protection Act and four members of the public have been informed – with one lodging a civil claim.

Head of Professional Standards at Northumbria Police Det Supt Sav Patsalos, said: “Following misconduct meetings, a police staff member was dismissed, another received a verbal warning and an officer was issued with a written warning.

“All cases were dealt with swiftly and robustly, highlighting our commitment to ensuring everyone employed by the force meets the high standards expected of them.

“I would also like to reassure the public that we have taken positive measures to reinforce the responsibilities of all officers and staff around Data Protection laws.”

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