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Henry Hicks' jumper allegations unproven against Met PC


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Uncertainty over which year the incident happened in.


The hearing was held at the Empress Building
Met PC has been cleared of gross misconduct over allegations she threw away a jumper belonging to an Islington teenager who later died while being followed by police.

Henry Hicks was 18-years-old when he died after losing control of his scooter while being followed by two unmarked police cars in Islington, north London, in 2014.

The four police officers involved in the case were cleared of gross misconduct in October last year after an independent panel ruled they had not engaged in police pursuit - contradicting the findings of a 2016 inquest into Henry’s death.

Last week MPS Central North Command Unit’s PC Buffy Pearce was accused of using rude and abusive language towards Mr Hicks on an unknown date in 2012 and confiscating his jumper at a police misconduct hearing.

If the allegations had been proven against her, PC Pearce could have been dismissed without notice for gross misconduct.

“On an unknown date in 2012, PC Pearce was alleged to have used rude and abusive language to a member of the public before picking up his jumper and taking it away,” an MPS spokesman said.  

“When challenged by the man, it was alleged that PC Pearce told him she had thrown the jumper into a waste bin. Following which, the officer was said to have continued to use abusive language before threatening to arrest the man for a public order offence.

“In addition, the officer faced a further allegation that she used rude and abusive language towards the man’s sister at the scene.”

The Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards received the complaint in February 2015.

The Camden New Journal reported Henry’s sister Claudia claimed PC Pearce called him a “fat bastard”, insulted his football skills and dubbed Claudia a “little slut” when she defended her brother.

PC Pearce told the hearing she had been made a “scapegoat” by the Hicks family, according to the Journal.

The panel concluded the allegations against PC Pearce were not proven and “agreed there was not a clear picture of the event itself... even an uncertainty of the year in which the alleged incident was said to have taken place.”

When asked whether PC Pearce had been involved with the Henry Hicks case, an MPS spokesman responded “yes” but at the time of writing was unable to confirm whether this was in relation to the 2012 incident or 2014 fatal RTC.

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What on Earth? Looks like common sense has prevailed on this one.

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One has to wonder why the complaint wasn't made until 3 years after the event? If they had been so concerned, I'd expect it within 3 days or on the very outside, 3 weeks. 3 years is just plain ridiculous!

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A gross misconduct trial, with possible instant dismissal, and they didn't even know what year it happened! 

Try running that by the cps and see what response you get. 

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Their was a time when the proof was the same as a court, beyond all reasonable doubt, and it changed a few years back to country court standard  "Possibilities"  That brought complete double standards against Police Officer were an allegation with no proof could be upheld.

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