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Officers who quit before misconduct hearings are 'dismissed'


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Former PC Lance Montgomery was described as a 'disgrace' to his force.

Officers who quit before misconduct hearings are 'dismissed'

Former police officers were “dismissed” from their forces this week in two of the first cases since new rules allowing suspended officers to resign were introduced.

In December, the Home Office reversed 2015 regulations which kept police officers facing misconduct proceedings in their jobs until they are formally dismissed.

The regs were widely criticised as generating unnecessary costs since officers who wanted to retire or quit were placed on restricted duties or suspended for years while they waited for their misconduct hearings.

On Monday a Met Police misconduct hearing found misconduct charges proven against former Central North Command area PC Kenville Wright, who left the force last month.

He had pleaded guilty to drink driving in November at Westminster Magistrates’ Court and was disqualified from driving for 24 months as well as being given a 160-hour community order.

The hearing ruled that Wright had breached the Met’s standards of discreditable conduct and, had be still been serving, would have been dismissed without notice.

On Wednesday allegations that Kent Police PC Lance Montgomery, who resigned earlier this month after being suspended in August, abused his position as a police officer were found proven at a misconduct hearing.

He exchanged sexual images and messages with four female victims of crime between June-August, the force’s counter-corruption intelligence unit discovered.

Although he was arrested, the Crown Prosecution Service did not press charges.

Chief Constable Alan Pughsley who chaired the misconduct hearing found the allegations against ex PC Montgomery proven and would have resulted in dismissal without notice had he still been a serving officer.

He said: “His behaviour was pre-meditated and exploitative which is serious for any individual, but even more so when done by someone who was supposed to be serving the public.

“I am appalled by the behaviour of Mr Montgomery who abused the very core of being a police constable - trust and confidence. At a time when these victims of crime were vulnerable and needed professional support and care, he chose to exploit them.

“Not only has he caused significant damage to his own reputation, he has also tarnished the reputation of Kent Police and that is totally unacceptable.

“There are no mitigating factors."

Detective Superintendent Nick Gossett of Kent Police’s Professional Standards Department said: “Kent Police expects the highest standards of behaviour from its 5,830 employees, both on and off duty.

“The vast majority serve with honesty, integrity and professionalism, but the minority who do not will be subject to scrutiny.

“The role of the police is to protect and serve, keep communities safe and safeguard the most vulnerable in our community. Ex PC Montgomery did the exact opposite; he is a disgrace to the force and his behaviour was completely inappropriate and unprofessional.” 

The two former officers will be submitted to the Police Barred and Advisory lists preventing future employment elsewhere in policing and will have their names added to a College of Policing public database. 

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2 hours ago, Fedster said:

Chief Constable Alan Pughsley who chaired the misconduct hearing...

Why is that still happening?

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2 hours ago, Sceptre said:

Why is that still happening?

It would have been a Special Case Hearing.

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