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Scheme once dubbed Fed's 'commercial rival' folds


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Not enough officers signed up


A private legal fund for officers once blasted as a commercial rival to the Police Federation has shut down.

Emerge People, which was set up by a group of officers involved in the challenge to the CARE pension changes, is winding up operations.

PC Lee Broadbent told Police Oracle that not enough people signed-up to make it worthwhile for the insurance company involved.

He said there had been a three-year plan put in place but the firm decided to end it early.

"We had a number of obstacles including that police officers by their nature are inquisitive and a lot of them wanted to wait and test it as it went along.

"The Federation does have a cornerstone on this area too.

"In the end we had to be pragmatic about it, though I still believe an independent insurance package is the best way to protect officers' interests.

"Ultimately we decided to fold the business at this stage was the best interests of officers, it has never been about money for us."

He added that no one apart from the four directors of the company, including himself, will lose money from the decision.

In 2016 Kent Police Federation withdrew help from non-fee paying officers at the staff association after the company was established.

Then chairman Ian Pointon labelled it a "commercial rival" to his organisation.

At the time PC Broadbent said the idea was that the legal fund would cover areas the Fed's did not help with.

The Greater Manchester Police officer is continuing the pension challenge case, and is also standing for a local Fed rep position.

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