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Fraudster who sold advertising for fake emergency services magazines jailed


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Peter Daly cheated around 2,500 small businesses of more than £2 million.

Peter Edward Daly has been jailed

Peter Edward Daly has been jailed


A prolific conman who ran a publishing scam selling advertising space in non-existent emergency services magazines has been jailed.

Peter Edward Daly, 39, of West Kirby, Merseyside, cheated around 2,500 small businesses of more than £2 million by cold-calling and offering advertising space in various mocked-up publications including the fictitious ‘Crime and Security Journal’, ‘Front Line’ and ‘Fire and Safety Magazine’.

He charged them hundreds of pounds a time and told them the magazines were sent to emergency services locations and medical facilities.

After they agreed to advertise he invoiced them and gave fake publications dates.

When these dates came and the victims contacted Daly to ask where the publications were, their contact would go unanswered, pushing many of the victims to contact Action Fraud and police.

A Met investigation established Daly was using ‘virtual offices’ based in Islington, London, to receive and forward mail onward to an address in Birkhenhead, Merseyside, in an apparent attempt to hide his location.

Officers from both the Met and Merseyside Police, searched the premises and found computers, copies of the fake Crime and Security Journal and £3,000 in cash.

In July 2012 he was arrested and he was charged in February 2014 but went on the run, eventually handing himself in to police in Liverpool in late 2015.

In March 2016 his trial was due to begin but after the two forces told the court they wanted to link their respective investigation, it was delayed until January 2018.

During the trial, Daly changed on eight counts of fraud to guilty. He was sentenced to eight years and one month imprisonment.

On sentencing him the judge called him a “cocky, arrogant egotistical man who thought he was cleverer than everyone else and could ‘blag’ his way out of any situation”.

Detective Constable Alan Stewart, from the Met, said: “This investigation reminds us all of the due diligence necessary, particularly when responding to ‘cold callers’. I thank the victims for their patience whilst we got this case to trial and would ask anyone concerned that they may have been the victim of fraud to refer to the action fraud website for further advice.”

Detective Chief Inspector Christina Jessah added: “Daly’s sentence reflects the seriousness of his offending and will hopefully act as a deterrent to others. I would like to thank our colleagues from Merseyside Police for their support in securing the right outcome for the victims.”

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8 years is a hefty sentence but I guess there were 2,500 victims.

The article doesn’t mention anything about any attempts to recoup the money?

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