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Plans for direct entry for chief officers will not include top rank


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The scheme cannot reach 'the very top jobs' as legislation is not being amended.

CC Sara Thornton told Police Oracle the scheme should apply to law enforcement agencies first almost a year ago

CC Sara Thornton told Police Oracle the scheme should apply to law enforcement agencies first almost a year ago


Direct entry will not be introduced at the "very top" of policing for several years, if it all.

Last year a consultation letter was sent to chiefs, PCCs and staff associations about plans to allow those without policing experience to become chief constables or commissioners.

The letter specifically stated the government wanted to amend the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 so that non-police officers could be appointed to the roles.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd pledged on the election trail last year that if re-elected the "very top jobs in policing" would be "opened up".

But after it began work on the proposals with the College of Policing, the Home Office specifically excluded the ranks of chief constable and commissioner from the process, it has emerged.

After the government's initial proposals were announced, National Police Chiefs' Council chairman Sara Thornton expressed concerns about the practicalities of appointing direct entrants to a specific post like chief constable.

A Home Office spokesman acknowledged to Police Oracle there are no current plans to amend legislation but insisted they are "not saying it will never happen".

Last month the College consulted on plans for direct entry for chief officers – but this only covers bringing people from other law enforcement agencies, such as the National Crime Agency, into ranks below chief constable.

This was one of CC Thornton's initial suggestions about the proposal.

A College spokesman said this week: “Following government proposals to consider direct entry at chief officer ranks the College carried out a consultation to look at how entry into policing could be opened up to other UK law enforcement agencies.

“The consultation on chief officer recruitment closed in December and we are in the process of reviewing the responses."

Any candidate will have to complete the Senior Police National Assessment Centre and the Strategic Command Course, the spokesman added.

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The ranks that would generally benefit from a bit of direct entry. So naturally it won't be allowed.. Oh well 

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