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Best Android Apps Available

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We all have different wants needs and expectations when it comes to our smart phones, some people cannot stand them.

What I thought would be useful would be to start a thread on the best Android Apps that you find most useful. They can be anything, great games, practical, informative etc.

The only rules for replying her at that you post the name of the app and provide some information about what it does and how you use it. No one or two word responses please. Let's keep it as informative as we can for everybody.

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IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) - very useful site/app for any film and/or TV fans out there. Includes user ratings, links to critic's reviews, information on actors, trivia etc. There is also a top 250 list which is worth checking out to compare what you have seen and what you want/need to.


Pinterest - Only recently discovered this. Think of something you enjoy or have an interest in - music, crafts, art - whatever! Hit search and there is a vast array of cool and qwerky stuff out there to keep you interested and make you go "oh luck at that, isn't it interesting". You can 'pin' your 'interests' to your profile and create folders. Ideal if like me, you are planning a wedding. There are tonnes of ideas to be had.


HotUkDeals - Users post different offers and vouchers to other users to save money. Each post is rated based on 'heat' - the more heat the hotter the offer.


Amazon Kindle - purchase and read books from Amazon (saves buying an actual Kindle).


Banking (for your bank obviously) - I would be lost without an app for my bank. I use it all the time to transfer money etc. I havent been to a bank for months!

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Amazon Kindle - As above, but I also own a Kindle, sync between the 2 so always up to date, and always have a book with me if stuck somewhere.

NFL Mobile and NFL Fantasy Football as I follow American Football. Gives me news, videos of plays and Fantasy team ( Currently 10-0)

Sky News - does what it says on the tin. Much prefered over BBC etc.

Tapatalk - How else would I follow my favourite forum???

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Tapatalk - for the thrillz of forums.


SkyNews - because a snail being run over gets the breaking news banner on there  :lol:


Amazon Prime Video + Kindle - well worth the £79 a year. 


Fleabay - for cheap printer cartridges 


Three In Touch - so I can get a phone signal in my house  :blink:


Epson - so when I suddenly need to print something and I am on the Carsie I can  :wub:


Weq4u - so I can use my unlimited minutes to ring all the companys I deal with and not be stung by 08xx chargeables


Astrill VPN - So I can stay secure when using Wifi outdoors  :ninja:


My Fitness Pal - Handy for counting the Calories etc.


SPotify - Music om om nom.  :smiley_notworthy:


Google Drive and Goole apps for work /Gmail - for my business type stuff  :type:

Microsoft Office Mobile for work also



NextBuses - because when I feel he need to catch a disease I will get one to town  :angry:


Sleepmaker all in one - I love to fall asleep to the sound of the rain.


Barclays Banking 


Ocado App - for 2 touch shopping 

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Localcast - cast videos, media streams, pictures, music or embedded web/flash videos to a chromecast/roku. Even from a NAS or SAMBA share. You can even switch off or disconnect localcast if non local media is being played. I have a lot of videos on my NAS and it makes it a breeze to control it via my phone without wasting the battery.

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