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iPhone X / 8

Sir Penguin

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Anybody looking at getting one?

I looked at the 8 Plus and then quickly talked myself out of it as I've only had the 7 Plus for a year. That, and nothing ever changes!

I do think that apple are behind Samsung by a few years but I don't think i'd make the change. 

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Silly expensive, though admittedly the X is well specced out.  I do wonder why you'd spend £999-£1499 for a phone.  Despite the spec I do think you're better of sinking that type of cash in to a computer and a half-decent phone.  I'm a tech nerd, and even I couldn't justify that. 

Currently using a Huawei P9.  Had it a year, and it's still not disappointed me in any way.  Last phone was an LG Flex2, and that was only got rid of because the battery life had gone through the floor.  I get 40% discounts through my day job, so it's isn't even like I pay much for them either.  Think I get 20% on Apple products though, still can't see why you;d spend that type of money except to wave it around and say "Look, I'm Considerably Richer That You".  I suspect the first owned iPhoneX I see will be in the hand of a person with No Obvious Income.

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