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Northumbria officers attacked and constable knocked unconscious


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Five officers and a nurse were all attacked by pair in one evening.


Five officers and a nurse were assaulted by the men throughout the course of the night.

Northumbria Police has appealed for witnesses after an officer was knocked unconscious and four of her colleagues attacked by a pair of thugs.

Police were called to Newcastle City Centre shortly after 3am on Monday August 14 to reports two men had punched and kicked members of the public and ran off.

Two officers attended and a violent struggle ensued in which both officers were assaulted with one knocked unconscious.

The pair were eventually detained and taken to Forth Banks station where a nurse and three detention officers were also assaulted.

The force believes a number of people will have seen the attack on the officers and are appealing for witnesses.

Four men in particular stopped to help the officers during the struggle but then left the scene without providing their details.

 Acting Chief Inspector Steve Wykes, of Northumbria Police said: “I’d like to thank the four men who came to our officer’s aid - it was brave of them to do so but they left before our officers could get their details. 

“I’d ask them to come forward and speak to us so we can thank them for their actions. The offender’s behaviour is wholly unacceptable and will not be tolerated by Northumbria police. 

“While I am pleased to report that the officers are not seriously injured this was an awful incident and the officers are receiving support.

“I’d also appeal for anyone who was in the area of St Nicholas Street and Castle Stairs who may have witnessed the incident to contact police.”

The officer who was knocked out was taken to hospital for her injuries but later released.

Two men aged 25 and 36 years were arrested on suspicion of assaulting an officer in the execution of their duty and are detained in custody helping police with their enquiries.

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No deterrent for these thugs. No protection for the police. No justice

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Arrested for only an assault police?


In effect - nicked for common assault?!? For knocking her out?!?

And here was me thinking that an assault causing loss of conciousness was classed as GBH...

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Your forgetting when a police officer is injured it was an accident. When the offender is injured it's the polices fault.

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Well case law is clear that any knocking unconscious is Section 47 ABH. So why they weren't prosecuted for this at the very least is bewildering. But the responsibility for charging rests with the CPS who again fail to safeguard police.

I am a vowed religious and try whenever possible to give people a chance but when it comes to thuggery I find it occasionally hard to take a slap and turn the other cheek. The police are not the publics' punch bag. They are there to protect the public, but also have the right to public protection and that comes from the law, and those who in addition to the police want to uphold the law. So that includes police brass, the CPS, courts and government. Police step up day in and day out. How about the rest joining the on the thin blue line.

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Welcome to the world of Policing. We will have to see if they get their just deserts or even a severe sentence like an absolute discharge. Of coursewe do not know the full events or even what charges, if any, have been preferred.

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