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Met drafting in team of retired detectives to coach trainees


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Over-worked detective sergeants will be given help in bringing new investigators through.


The Met is drafting in a team of retired detectives as police staff to take some of the load off its stretched workforce.

The force is recruiting “investigative coaches” whose job will be to help trainee detectives get to grips with the role.

Scotland Yard has a serious shortage of investigators at its disposal with an ever increasing workload for those that remain.

The new recruitment coincides with a push to bring in direct entry detectives.

Det Chief Supt Stephen Clayman told PoliceOracle.com: “We’re hiring investigators at the moment, these are ex-cops who are retiring and coming back as police staff.

"Their only role is to support TDCs [trainee detective constables], not just these [direct entry] TDCs, all TDCs.

“That's us listening to the workforce – detective sergeants said they haven’t got time to supervise them or push them through and help them, so they'll have these coaches.”

The force says the coaches will work on borough teams and have responsibility for coaching and advising trainees.

Detective sergeants will not be fully taken away from their responsibility for helping constables, according to information released by the force, which states that the new coaches will "provide support to detective sergeants" in this respect.

Retired detective Jackie Malton, who now works as a consultant for crime dramas, said: “I think it’s a great idea. There are many retired detectives who are quite young, committed and interested.

“People who have 30-years expertise as a detective can teach new people a lot and they can give something back. Also being around young people will benefit them too, they will learn things themselves.”

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