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PCs saved life of woman stabbed 14 times


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Pair honoured by force for their actions.


PC James McQuaid, Chief Superintendent Mark Holland, PC Simon Williams

Constables who saved the life of a woman stabbed 14 times and gathered enough evidence to convict her attacker have been given an award by their force.

PC 3777 James McQuaid and PC 3184 Simon Williams of Nottinghamshire Police were the first on the scene to a report of an assault.

The woman had been attacked by her partner – who was high on drugs and drunk – and had forced his way in and stabbed her at least 14 times with a hunting knife before fleeing the scene.

The duo gave first aid to the victim, and reassured her until paramedics arrived.

A statement from the force says: “They gained valuable evidence and recorded compelling first disclosures from the victim, which would assist with the prosecution of the offender, while continuing to act compassionately and sensitively towards the victim.”

The offender was subsequently traced and arrested.

“A detailed investigation followed, run by another commended and dedicated officer who also liaised with and gave support to the victim and her family.

“Due to the quality of the evidence against the offender he pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm with intent and was given a 10-year prison term plus four years on licence,” it adds.

The officers, who are based at St Ann's Police Station in Nottingham, were presented with their certificates by Chief Superintendent Mark Holland.

They have been used as an example in a PR campaign on why new recruits should join the force.

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Have to take my hat off to these officers, absolutely great to see good work like this

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