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Large crowd surrounds officers - London

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Hi All.

I stumbled across this on YouTube. It appears that some response officers are trying to arrest a male and quickly become surrounded by (60 plus?) people. It looks like an emergency button is activated and the backup comes in the form of 2 ARVs.

The ARV officers all pile out with rifles drawn - I believe this will be because of the recent standing authority due to the terror level. They won't have time to store them before backing up their colleagues. Look at the reaction of the crowd - immediate dispersal (OK one or two still have a go but the immedaite threat is reduced just by their presence). Creates a good sterile area for the cops to work.

There are several videos of the same incident from different uploaders on Youtube. Now the alternative argument is - if the crowd didn't retreat and became more hostile, what would the ARVs have done? They can't leave their wepons to reach for spray or batons?

Also look at the prisoner struggling with the cops fighting to get away, as soon as the taser is drawn his face says it all. Game over!



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The Undertaker

The crowd hollering like they are at a boxing match, mobiles out ready to capture the action.

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Clear Left!

Agree with the above! Good use of resources, very professional

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