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Watch "Cyclists debate law with Motorcycle Cop." on YouTube


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"Published on 16 May 2017"


"Although the Highway Code reckons that you 'shouldn't' cycle two abreast, surely a bit of common sense says that doing this on a national speed limit road is a bit reckless? The Motorcycle Cop has probably dealt with more fatalities on the road than these two, so I know whose advice I would rather take."


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@chaos4122, I am not a cyclist, well not since I was sixteen anyway. Every one knows pedal cyclists   should not ride more than two abreast, and not even two abreast when the road is narrow/busy. Was this road "busy".?its difficult to say.  When is a road deemed to be  "busy" ?that is the sixty four dollar question,   no one has said or determined this as far as I know.  So we are down to what a  normal,  safe and  competent  cyclist  would think about it all I suppose. I don't think the TC  would be anything other than that , otherwise he wouldn't have got the job as a traffic officer in the first place, a job which is a very sort after role  and involved a lot of studying  or it was and did when I was a special anyway. 

 I have been observer/radio  with a lot of them over the years on Friday Saturday nights when they have been single crewed and wanted a bit of company.  I couldn't just quite make out at the end what this argumentative cyclist was getting a ticket for, being inconsiderate or riding without due care/attention to other road users maybe, unfortunately we can't see the riding or the events that led up to  this stop, perhaps he will make out his case to the magistrates in due course and we will here the upshot of it all. There has been a few arguments put forward over the years about how riding two abreast is safer and stops car drivers taking risks they would take otherwise and also that it makes it quicker for drivers to overtake when it is safe to do so. I know that if I did decide to go cycling again in my next life I would certainly bag the nearside  line on the road before we set off. Ha. Rich. 

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