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PC Keith Palmer laid to rest


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Thousands of officers pay respect to their fallen colleague.


Tributes have been paid to PC Palmer across the United Kingdom

Heroic PC Keith Palmer has been laid to rest following a full force funeral in central London.

A black horse escort, fronted by the Met’s Mounted Branch led the procession along a ceremonial route through the capital from the Palace of Westminster to Southwark Cathedral.

Thousands of officers lined the route, the National Police Air Service staged a helicopter flyover and a two minute silence was held at 2pm.


Colleagues and friends of PC Palmer acted as pall bearers and conveyed his coffin into the cathedral once the procession had arrived.

Officers and police forces across the country shared their tributes to PC Palmer earlier today.

PC Barry Calder of the Royal Protection command posted photos of his formal dress, including shined boots, white gloves and service medals, on Twitter.

"It's going to be a very emotional day but I'll be proud that I wear the same uniform as Keith did," he wrote.

PC Calder, who has served with the Metropolitan Police for 25 years, told Press Association he arrived at Westminster just ten minutes after the attack on March 23.

As he gathered with other officers on the streets of south London, he said: "I've never seen so many police officers in smart dress as there are here today".

PC Steve Richardson, a senior section officer with West Yorkshire Police, travelled down from Leeds to attend the service with 35 other officers.

He shared photos of his preparations and pictures of himself with PC Molly Carnall when they arrived in London.

"It's a sense of pride to support your colleagues at this sad time," PC Richardson told Press Association.

"It's quite difficult stuck up north when this happens in London. You feel powerless and want to help but you can't, so coming down means a lot.

"The thin blue line may be slightly thinner, but it certainly can't be broken."

Police forces around the country also shared their tributes.



In Gloucester, the city community policing team published an image of an officer lighting a candle at Gloucester Cathedral in memory of PC Palmer.

"Taking a moment to remember" while out on patrol, the accompanying text read.

The Horncastle Neighbourhood Policing Team posted a picture of a rose left outside Horncastle police station with a hand-written note saying "In memory of PC Palmer".

"A fitting tribute at Horncastle Station for #PCKeithPalmerRIP #StandForKeith by a member of the local community," wrote a member of the team to accompany the photo.

The official account for the Cheshire Special Constabulary published an image of scores of officers in formal attire lining Southwark Bridge Road, a few blocks from Southwark Cathedral, where the funeral took place.

"Standing Ready to #StandForKeith," read the tribute.

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I've heard similar in the past. Very nice touch from GT, but brings a tear to your eyes. 


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The thin blue line may be exactly that, but yesterday it stood tall, proud and united in its grief. RESPECT from a member of the private arm of policing

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"See you tonight Love".  

"Ok take care"   

The conversation that every officer has every day on leaving for work, never knowing if he/she will return.

R.I.P. Keith

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