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Take opportunity to thank your police officers, chief tells public


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Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale said he is 'incredibly proud' of his force.


A chief constable has called on the public to “buck the negative trend” towards policing and show gratitude to the officers keeping them safe.

Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale, whose force was rated good in last week’s PEEL effectiveness inspection, said his officers are putting themselves at risk every day to protect the public.

“Wiltshire Police is a force that is ‘punching above its weight’,” he said.

“You may not feel you see officers as much as you used to, we are in the position of having to work with fewer officers than we have had for decades.

“These men and women who have sworn to protect and uphold the law continue to do so in times of significantly reduced resources, increased national security threat and against a backdrop of seemingly relentless criticism and negativity towards the service.”

CC Veale admitted the demand for officers to help those in crisis is a “significant responsibility” which he did not experience when he joined the service 32 years ago, but said transforming the force was vital to improve its response to victims of crime.

“Our change to a new Community Policing Model alongside investment in technology means that officers and staff are more mobile and will spend more time in their communities rather than being stuck behind a desk in a police station,” he said.

“To be able to work through such challenges and still provide an independently assessed, high quality of service is testament to the outstanding efforts of the staff, officers and Special Constables who work here.”

He also said despite shrinking budgets, his personal philosophy is to aim high and said he made “no apology” for blowing the force’s trumpet.

“I am incredibly proud of my force which is made up of officers, staff and volunteers with unwavering dedication, commitment and enthusiasm,” he said.

“They are the people who don’t get to see their families for days on end, or get to put their kids to bed, they work extended hours in all weathers, they are the people who run into the face of danger when the instinct is to run away.

“I hope that you will help buck the negative trend towards policing and take any opportunity, however small, to show your gratitude to all the emergency services who help keep you safe. Tell me about your experiences, shake the hand of the next officer, PCSO or police staff member you see, tell these hard working people that you appreciate them.”

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Approaching me for a hug. Nope. Not going to happen. 

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On ‎07‎/‎03‎/‎2017 at 20:33, Cathedral Bobby said:

National Hug a Bobby Day :smileys-police-412092:

Why not, seen as 'Hug a Hoodie' worked so well....

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Let's not be over-critical of a senior officer who is standing up for his officers for once.

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