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PSV Vetting Questions

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I am going be vetted to level 2 and have a couple of general questions about the vetting form. 

- I am at university and live in my university town during term time, so I'm assuming I should put my term time address down as my main address, and my non term time address down as a current address as well. Is this right? 

- At my non term time address I live with my younger brother (12 years old) and my mum. Would I need to put them as co-residents as well as including my flat-mates in this section?

- Regarding my flatmates, in the co-residents section would I need to include both their term time address and non term time address? 

- On the form it says that it should be completed in block capitals and black ink, but it is a Word document which is interactive so allows you to click to tick boxes etc. Can I do it all on the computer including typing my name in the signature box? Or should I do it on the computer, print it, sign it and then scan it in?

Sorry for so many questions, it's just a little confusing and I want to get it right.

Thanks in advance.


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Best thing to do would be to ask the Force concerned, as we can only guess on here...

I would suggest ensuring that your mum and brother are listed as well as your flat mates, but make it clear who lives where - there might be a notes section?

I don't see any problem in typing the form, but I'd always print it off and sign it by hand, but that's just personal preference...

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So what was the out come

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