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Police puppy has a bright future after takedown goes viral


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PD Drago is only 11 weeks old but already has his bad guy bite perfected.3FB418C0-BA9B-4820-87C7-E736223C81D8-1619-000001E5E648F128_tmp.png

A promising police pup has showcased his arresting ability in popular online video of him in training.

PD Drago, 11 weeks old, is part of the Greater Manchester Police breeding programme and is living at home with his handler PC Mark Kay.

In a bid to raise the profile of GMPs four legged force members inspector Tariq Butt posted a video of the enthusiastic puppy taking down a colleague in a training exercise.

The video has proved hugely popular on Twitter with over 1,000 likes and inspector Butt says the energetic pooch is proving a handful for his handler.

He said: “Drago is full of energy, always wants to play and picks things up really quickly, however he has also given his handler sleepless nights as he settled in at his new home.

“He will do his official police course at around 14/18 months old so now it's all about getting him used to people, the noise of police work, radios, sirens, being in a police dog van; and steering him towards how he will be trained in the future by simulating that now.

“It’s all about making sure he is having fun and has the right temperament, a lot of time and effort is put put in by the handlers outside of official training and even in their own time.

GMP policy is not to have an official Mounted or Dog account so I was finding other ways to raise the profile of the Specialist Operations Dog Unit and highlight the amount of effort, training and skill that goes in to the role.

“We get a lot of negative press with bites, even when all processes are followed. Handlers do an amazing and demanding role and can't just clock off as they have the dogs with them 24/7.”

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Taken with a pinch of salt. The puppy is playing and for the first 6 months the only thing that happens is obedience training by walking the dog.;)

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